About us

We live in an ever-changing world. Technological challenges, constant scientific development and the socio-economic changes taking place internationally create a context of ever-increasing demands.

The Lifelong Learning Centre “Idef Training” is the integrated response of IdEF Educational Group to these challenges. Through targeted actions and initiatives, we ensure the lifelong upgrading of knowledge and skills.


Our Principles

The operating philosophy of “Idef Training” is based on a human-centered approach, combining specialization with a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge. The use of the most modern tools and continuous training in the trends of industry, services and science are the main tools of the executives, who trust us for their entry into the labor market, professional development.

For us, the foundation of vocational training is based on the philosophy of autonomy of the trainees who participate in it. In this context, a broader positive sociological impact on vocational training, professional and personal recognition is achieved, which the Centre combines with appropriate funding tools.

IdEF Training is not just another Lifelong Learning Centre, but a point of leadership, combining modern methods, sophisticated educational standards and a comprehensive approach to the educational development of adults. The innovative approach of the Centre is combined with finding the appropriate knowledge subsidy programmes (NSRF, Voucher, European programmes etc.), which are addressed to unemployed, workers, entrepreneurs etc.

Our Services

The Lifelong Learning Centre “Idef Training” provides an integrated approach to knowledge, combining education, counselling, vocational guidance, certification proposals, coupling with the labour market or business and utilisation of subsidy programmes.

Any interested person – unemployed, employed or entrepreneur can contact the experienced staff of the Centre to jointly analyse their individual and/or business training needs, while seeking funding from a wide range of grant schemes. Both trainees and businesses can, under certain conditions, fully finance the cost of training, consultancy and certification of knowledge, without any individual or business financial burden.

The continuous evaluation of our training programs, systems, infrastructure and staff and the formulation of individual/business needs give IdEF Training an unparalleled comparative advantage. With a direct link between educational and professional objectives, tailored counselling and guidance are integral elements of IdEF Training’s comprehensive approach, complemented by accomplished facilitators, state-of-the-art training methods and unparalleled facilities.


Our Infrastructure

The central facilities of “Idef Training” are located in Athens, at Cosmos Centrer, 125-127 Kifissias Avenue, near the Panormou Metro station.

It is one of the most modern training centers, with an amphitheater, library, reading rooms and internet stations, modern classrooms for theoretical and technical courses, H/Y labs, and laboratory spaces. The centre has large indoor recreational areas, surroundings, cafe and shops.